“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

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Close up hands playing celtic harp. Fingers are on the snares.

Private Lessons In Person

Elizabeth offers private harp lessons in her home studio just outside of downtown Houston, Texas. While having music background is always helpful, Elizabeth’s specially designed beginning harp curriculum teaches the basics of note reading, music theory, and harp technique, so anyone can play the harp. Elizabeth teaches both the pedal (orchestral) harp and lever (folk/Celtic) harp and offers several lever harps to students to rent before they are ready to buy their own. Elizabeth offers performance opportunities to all her students, from beginning to advanced, in solo and ensemble settings. Elizabeth’s innovative teaching techniques and creative approaches help students overcome difficulties and realize yes, you can play the harp!



Online Lessons Via Skype or Zoom

In this digital age, many people are unable to take private music lessons in person, due to lack of available teachers locally or scheduling and transportation difficulties. Elizabeth brings the personalized private music lesson experience to you through Skype or Zoom lessons. Each lesson is recorded and made available to you on a private channel so you can go back during your practice time to listen to an explanation or watch Elizabeth demonstrate a section. Many of the exercises and songs from Elizabeth’s beginning harp curriculum are also available to watch online. Elizabeth provides structured practice logs and individualized support to help you reach your personal harp goals. For students who live within driving distance, occasional in-person lessons are highly encouraged to help support a well-rounded program.

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Group Lessons & Ensembles

Group lessons can help both your budget and the students' motivation.  Groups can range from 2 to 6 students.  This is a great option for family members.  Rates are variable depending on the group.  Students can greatly benefit from watching and listening to each other's mistakes and successes.  They can also get experience playing duets and ensembles.

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