Hiring a Harpist

What does a harpist need to perform?

Most harpists are self-contained in that they provide all of their own equipment when performing for your event. All you need to provide is a place for them to set up. For a full sized pedal harp, you need at least 4 feet by 5 feet of space to have room for the harpist’s bench,…

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How to select wedding ceremony music

More often than not, when I ask a bride what music she would like for her ceremony, she does not know. And that’s perfectly ok! The best thing to do when getting ready to speak with your ceremony musician is to have an idea of what genres you would like and then ask the musician…

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What to expect when hiring a harpist for your wedding

You have the venue, catering, officiant, photographer, and flowers all set for your big day. What about music? So you jump on Google¬†to see what people typically do for their ceremony music, see a picture of a harpist in a long, billowy dress playing a golden harp, and you’re sold.   Now what? Where do…

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